10 January 2010

want: long skirt

silk maxi skirt by boutique at Topshop so I can wear it with this:
Forever 21 glazed sewquin floral tank

inspired by:
(who else?!)

totally feeling long skirts lately. I don't own any, but I do own a black maxi dress from Juicy Couture but I feel like it would be a little out of a season worn now because of the airy fabric. maybe I'll try it.

sorry for the lack of posts the past few days! I went to Philadelphia for my sister's (and my old) cheering team (they won.. yay!) and tomorrow I am going to Vermont for a few days (though there is internet where I am staying so I will most likely be posting) then Boston for a job opportunity - wish me luck!


  1. me too! and of course she balances a long skirt with a little hip.. so cool