21 January 2010

Tom Ford does sex and glasses


  1. Marie, thanks so much for your visit and for your lovely comment :)

    It's so funny that you mention my hair because i couldn't neglect it more if tried... i do absolutely nothing to it! It hasn't seen a brush or comb since my last trip to the hair salon (i actually do not own a hair brush or comb...), i never ever put any products in and most of the time i try to wash it before bed so that i can sleep on it when it's wet to give it extra volume. My hair is actually naturally so straight that the only way to get it to have some sort of movement/volume is to sleep on it while wet! And voilà, the secrets to my mane! hehe hope this helps!

    ps Carolyn Murphy looks bloody fantastic in this new Tom Ford advert!

  2. you are so lucky!! I sleep with my hair wet too, it always comes out better. I try to brush mine as little as possible because my curls are always crazier when they have not been brushed.. I will try brushing less. thanks!