02 January 2010

fashion bff: Carrie Bradshaw

being home for winter break means sleeping in, eating way more than I intend to, and watching TV nonstop. considering the only shows that seem to have airtime lately are Jersey Shore and shows about teenage baby mommas, I resort to on demand (which actually is not resorting afer all). Sex and the City has been on repeat as I fall back in love with Carrie's witty (and sometimes corny--but in a good way) dialogue and of course her quirky style. the first movie was okay, minus the amazing wardrobes, so I am just as excited for the clothes in the second movie.

she will forever be the epitome of crazy, fun, New York fashionista style, so this is the perfect opportunity to praise her power. here are some of my favorite looks by Carrie, all hail Carrie!:

of course the column picture!

she has that great ability to look like she just threw whatever on and it happened to look great. I envy that talent.
sources: hbo.com, thecheapgirl.com

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