31 January 2010

29 January 2010

obsessed: furry, fashionable boots

waking up to a 9 degree morning (according to weather.com, "feels like -8") requires a billion layers. it is very difficult looking trendy, fashionable, or even cute when you are dressed like The Christmas Story's Ralphy about to go sledding, with limited movement. so, when I got today's Who What Wear e-mail, I was very pleased to see Casey Labow at Sundance Film Festival in furry vintage boots, both braving the cold and looking lovely!

her boots are vintange Ticnica and after one simple search on Etsy (my go-to for any vintage), I found some vintage Ticnica that are equally adorable:

too happy for words. not only were these affordable, they were actually something I would wear. too often I find furry boots that are too tacky, too bulky, or too expensive. unfortunately, these are not my size, but my search will not end here for some furry boots.

28 January 2010

want: flouncy, buttery leather

from American Apparel's ebay store, California Selects. this skirt is badass; perfect for spring with a pair of oxfords and a floral shirt or some sheer, mmmmm.

27 January 2010

fashion bff: Chloë Sevigny

so effortlessly cool.. and she knows it. just look at that smirk!

source: For The Love of B Bags

26 January 2010

reminiscing with The Row

looks from various seasonal collections.. so inspirational. totally feeling the African theme too, or anything African for that matter. see their brillance here.

24 January 2010


Daria, you're killin me. source: Fashion Gone Rogue, Givenchy

20 January 2010

obsessed: realistic jewelry

especially of the Hanna Benhard kind.. breath-taking. Sea of Shoes posted about the jewelers so a small investigation discovered that the jewelry was insaaaane. these pins caused me to subconsiously create an outfit in my mind revolving around the jewels.. possible dream-outfit in the future....

these pants are the coolest.

Pixie Market

17 January 2010


source: withasianstereotypes

want: cross 2 finger ring

Dear Forever 21,
please stop being so awesome and cheap.

15 January 2010

Zac Posen for Target

this is why I am obsessed with Target. see the complete lookbook here.

12 January 2010

my eyes are playing tricks on me

Louis Vuitton resort.. I could stare at that print all day.

10 January 2010

want: long skirt

silk maxi skirt by boutique at Topshop so I can wear it with this:
Forever 21 glazed sewquin floral tank

inspired by:
(who else?!)

totally feeling long skirts lately. I don't own any, but I do own a black maxi dress from Juicy Couture but I feel like it would be a little out of a season worn now because of the airy fabric. maybe I'll try it.

sorry for the lack of posts the past few days! I went to Philadelphia for my sister's (and my old) cheering team (they won.. yay!) and tomorrow I am going to Vermont for a few days (though there is internet where I am staying so I will most likely be posting) then Boston for a job opportunity - wish me luck!

06 January 2010

fashion bff: Jessica Szohr

shes so beautiful! I love the lime dress look with the stacked bracelets and black accessories. I don't watch Gossip Girl but I love all the actresses styles.
source: Teen Vogue

spotlight: cute workout clothes

as warm weather approaches and New Year's resolutions are being achieved, we are all rushing to begin our diets and workouts to be beach-body ready. I am at the forefront of these psychotic gym fiends because I have not one but TWO early beach endeavors (Cancun for spring break and Orlando, FL in April) which means I must work extra hard from winter through spring. up until recent, my gym attire consisted of old cheering soffee shorts, old cheering shoes (which were super light, perfect for running, but strained my feet), and old oversized T's. but with a new year comes new perspectives, which is why I am determined not only to get myself to the gym everyday (or almost everyday, let's be honest..) but to also look just as cute and stylish as I would outside of the gym.

Ashley Olsen was an inspiration; she was seen recently jogging in an unlikely outfit to be jogging in.. only an Olsen. why I love them.
thus, cute workout clothes:
Nike women air max+ 2009
this shoe is great for jogging because of the cushioning, lightness, and elasticity

Victoria's Secret lace-trim sports bra in white

Stella McCartney for Adidas run performance jacket in orange

American Apparel unisex afrika t-shirt in white black afrika

Stella McCartney for Adidas lace dance pants
I looove the sheerness

Victoria's Secret v-neck mesh T in pink

Forever 21 ribbed waist pj pant in navy (no one will know they are pj's!)

Nike scrimmage vest in green

American Apparel satin charmeuse short in hot pink