31 May 2010


Miranda Kerr

source: Fashion Copious

silk blouse

my new favorite summer staple.

sources: knight cat, Fashion Copious, Harper and Harley, NET-A-PORTER

28 May 2010

at first glance

Chiara's skirt seems to be your everyday, standard floral skirt. but after closer inspection...

tiny bikes! how adorable?

source: The Blonde Salad

27 May 2010

new additions

all forever 21. I am almost positive I have found my essential summer shorts; long zipper, cornflower blue wash, red lining, high waist, and under $10. shabam.

26 May 2010


sources: knight cat, NET-A-PORTER

25 May 2010


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24 May 2010

plaid and lace

sources: American Apparel, Dress Like Alexa Chung Day, chictopia

20 May 2010

15 May 2010

meant to be part 2

sources: NET-A-PORTER

14 May 2010

meant to be

source: NET-A-PORTER

12 May 2010

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice

I suddenly have the urge to own black and white vertically striped pants.

maybe it's because of Givenchy's s/s 2010 black and white patterned leggings that I have recently been drooling over?

or maybe the fact that they will elongate my legs? possible it is because I can resemble Beetlejuice...

...whatever the reason, I need a pair.

this will most likely need to be a DIY project since there has been little help searching over the internet...plus, it will give me a little street cred.

now here is the question I pose to you lovely readers for anyone who has ever attempted such a feat: how would I go about constructing these pants? I'm assuming black stripes should be either painted or spray painted on white jeans/pants/leggings using stencils...would this be the correct way to make them? sorry I'm such a n00b!

sources: The World of Earbats, Google, IMBD, style.com

as yummy as red velvet cake

but better: no calories.

source: discotheque confusion

08 May 2010


sources: I KNOW WHAT YOU WORE LAST SEASON, Fashion Gone Rogue, knight cat

04 May 2010

MET gala 2010 favorites

oceanup.com, Celebrities Wonder, style.com, Google