27 February 2010

MK's Burberry Prorsum this year vs last year

I love her look from this year (leather gloves with jewelry over, are you serious), but her bag and pin really sold me for last years. which do you prefer?
source: Olsens Anonymous

from runway

to real life via Kate Bosworth

source: style.com, le CHEP c'est CHIC

26 February 2010

fashion bff: Chloë Sevigny in Miu Miu

here, fashion bff fav Chloë Sevigny in two Miu Miu looks from s/s 2009 and a/w 2009, respectively.

our dearly beloved chameleon transforms runway looks into real-life wonderfully. her bubble gum lips and lazy ponytail make her Miu Miu s/s 2010 look laidback and girly, perfect for the bird print and embellishments on nude mesh. her burnt-yellow croc sandals go perfect.

in the look from Miu Miu a/w 2009, Chloë layers sweaters and bras to create demension and a sexy touch of lace. her matte red lips give her look a pop of color against neutrals.

I love how she takes looks from the runway, but subtracts the unnecessary elements and adds items to make the look not only her own, but more "real life appropriate" (because runway is all just fantasy, right?).

sources: style.com, independent.ie, google images

perfect mix of sheer and proper

D&G a/w 2010
source: Studded Hearts

25 February 2010

Domestic Goddess

Constance Jablonski is as Goddess as they come.
Barney's s/s 2010 catalogue
source: Fashion Gone Rogue

black leather

source: dirtyflaws

24 February 2010


sources: models.com, style.com, I KNOW WHAT YOU WORE LAST SEASON

my s/s 2010 attitude in a photograph

Jacquelyn Jablonski for AnOther Magazine
source: Fashion Copious

23 February 2010

back in your head

I cannot get enough of these Anastase shoes...

Acne a/w 2010

simple, but fucking cool. I'm totally down for a leglet (leg + bracelet, as seen in look 3) trend.

source: style.com

this is how you wear a denim shirt part 2

source: fashionpics

this is how you wear a denim shirt

source: fashionpics

legs forever

Lindsey Wixson for Miu Miu s/s 2010 campaign. goddamn she's got long legs.
source: fashionising

diggin' brown

backstage at Ralph Lauren a/w 2010
source: style.com


source: sanna knows

sunglasses make everything look cooler

backstage at Marc by Marc Jacobs
source: style.com


Raquel Zimmermann
source: MODELS.com

22 February 2010