22 February 2010

Topshop Unique, I want it all

another s/s 2010 collection that I am head over heels for and cannot help but post practically every picture from the runway...it's an addiction.

Unique is definately unique, I'll say that much. there was fur everywhere- coats, mittens, shorts, vests, shoes, handbags (LOVE that furry inspired birkin!!), models faces (questionable), but all in all, awesome.

the clothes made me want to runaway in the woods with their mountain man inspired wear (cable knit thigh highs, yes please) then go frolic in a daisy showered meadow. they covered everything from the crucial shearling jacket to a delicate dress made of floral crochet, lace, and dreamy ruffles. they even had a charming XXXL cardigan with squirrels and a maxi dress with wolves!!! and that giant sweater with a bunch of furry things hanging off of them; I don't know what's going on but I love it. and I think I see a little notebook dangling off of there...

so, let's go camping, sans eyebrows. the head peices can come, though.

source: ELLE

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  1. The hair was truly amazing in this collection. Topshop impressed me.