30 April 2010

28 April 2010

Olsen fix

I have always been an Olsen addict, but as of late I have been jonesing more than usual. by this I mean I spend several hours backtracking Olsens Anonymous to look at paparazzi shots exhibiting their effortless style for the 2nd, 3rd, and sometimes 4th time to try and gain some inspiration for my own outfits.

which brings us to the above photo; I have found myself thinking about this specific image sporadically throughout the past couple of days (and nights--I actually decided to write this very post while I was laying in bed), scrutinizing every detail of Mary-Kate and Ashley's looks.

the twins have me captivated for several reasons. first being the certain way they wear the clothing. for example, they prefer items that are large for their tiny figures, like MK's oversized blazer; the sleeves scrunch perfectly without looking unkempt. they also have the ability to mix unexpected items without fail, like Ashley's funky ethnic headpiece combined with her classic fitted overcoat. of course, the Olsen's do have the advantage of snagging designer pieces with ease, such as dishing $715 on Mary-Kate's Louis Vuitton leopard stole (but let's be honest, if I had that kind of bank account, I would purchase the scarf without hesitation too). and who could forget the drool-worthy moon and star print from Chanel's s/s 2008 collection (which has seen the likes of every blogger's favorite fashionista Alexa Chung)? their wardrobes consist of the most desired designer duds that make all the fashion lovers swoon.

everything these girls do leaves me fiending for more and I am not ashamed to say that I have a full-blown addiction to them. afterall, admitting one's addiction is the first step to recovery.
but, do I really want to get over my almost unhealthy Olsen obsession? probably not.

26 April 2010


odd...but in a good way.
ps- I'm drooling over the nailpolish in the first photo. must get a similar color asap.

25 April 2010

little black dress

source: Stylesightings

23 April 2010

the color palette

every post as of late as featured Miu Miu; what can I say, I'm in love.

sources: Pandora, knight cat, Studded Hearts, models of imperfection, Fashion Squad, MCM

22 April 2010

21 April 2010

in motion

neutrals anywhere and everywhere. you dig it?

source: Fashion Copious

19 April 2010

MKA are at it again

Elizabeth & James a/w 2010

love the proportions in the first look. and helloooo, leather OVERALLS? yes. they have a real knack for impeccable tailoring and luxurious fabrics...god I love the Olsens.

18 April 2010

designer gowns, nudity, and destruction

could there be a more perfect combination in an editorial? I think not.
Vogue Paris

source: Fashion Copious

17 April 2010


source: NET-A-PORTER

16 April 2010

fashion bff: Natalie

I am lusting for trousers and these are the perfect pair. the fit is incredible, though it doesn't hurt that Natalie is a model!

source: Natalie Off Duty

need more of this in my life:

black, white, pastel pink, and those Miu Miu heels.

sources: Le Fashion, Mr. Newton, Fashion Toast, sanna knows, fashion over reason, Fashion Copious

15 April 2010

Vogue Italy

loving the socks and school girl garb, it's getting me hyped for fall.

source: Song of Style