02 January 2010

dream outfit

this outfit has been brewing in my head since last spring, thanks to Lady Gaga. I have most of the items, minus the Ray-Bans, a nude top, a real MJ stam bag (its fake but I still love it! shhh) and those stripper shoes... sigh. they are on my wishlist.
American Apparel high-waist hot short

American Apparel strapless bodysuit

Allure clear stiletto at Romantic Depot

Marc Jacobs stam bag

Ray-Ban wayfarer in red

Tasha "I'm so fabulous" headband

O.P.I. in elephantastic pink
(my favorite color ever!)

I am all about layering a ton of jewelry, but for this outfit I thought it would be more appropriate if there was none at all, à la Lady Gaga. she is awesome, and this outfit is incredible. it is extremely sexy and risky, but the bow makes it playful and fun. minimal and natural looking makeup would work best with this look.

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