29 January 2010

obsessed: furry, fashionable boots

waking up to a 9 degree morning (according to weather.com, "feels like -8") requires a billion layers. it is very difficult looking trendy, fashionable, or even cute when you are dressed like The Christmas Story's Ralphy about to go sledding, with limited movement. so, when I got today's Who What Wear e-mail, I was very pleased to see Casey Labow at Sundance Film Festival in furry vintage boots, both braving the cold and looking lovely!

her boots are vintange Ticnica and after one simple search on Etsy (my go-to for any vintage), I found some vintage Ticnica that are equally adorable:

too happy for words. not only were these affordable, they were actually something I would wear. too often I find furry boots that are too tacky, too bulky, or too expensive. unfortunately, these are not my size, but my search will not end here for some furry boots.


  1. love that outfit from whowhatwear